Thur Jun 22 @ 7:30pm

Pub Hang nights are free music nights but please remember to support the band with tips!

The Rounders are a four-piece group from Central Pennsylvania. A ten year old testament to Chris Rattie and Dave Defilippis’s inability to sit still, even for a minute. They are crafted songwriting, singing, yelling, stomping, and sweating. They are the sum of their parts. They are a BAND. Nothing really describes it better.

I’d love to call them “acoustic”. Today they are, but by the time this bio hits their website, they’ll probably be drummed up and electrified. They’ve done it before. What can I say? They get bored quickly as all good artists should. The honesty never changes, though. You can keep counting on that. Righteous honesty.

Americana, Bluegrass, Rock and Roll, Loud, Soft, Drunk, Sober, Beautiful, Ugly, Love it, Hate it, It’ll Be Different Tomorrow.

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